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We deliver quality consistency cleaning services to our clients across London with our team of trained cleaners and supervisors, We always ensure our clients are satisfied with our high cleaning standards.

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* We only provide Services for commercial and business premises, not houses, flats or other domestic properties

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Regular Contract Cleaning

We offer daily commercial cleaning and office cleaning on a frequency and specification that suits you.

Colour Codding to avoid cross contamination

All Sanay cleaning staff are trained to NHS cleanliness guidelines. All Sanay commercial cleaning teams comply with NHS colour coding methodology and cleanliness outcomes to prevent cross contamination.

Cleaning and Consumable Products

Sanay provides a full range of cleaning and consumable products delivered to your door through our partnerships with Healthguard Hygiene, Imperial Chemicals and Lyreco.

Washroom Service

Sanay offer feminine hygiene, hand dryers, odour management and washroom consumables.

Carpet Cleaning

Sanay unique steam based carpet cleaning methodology will leave your facility looking clean and smelling fresh with a drying time of under an hour.

Window Cleaning

Sanay commercial window cleaners are trained to work safely at heights using purified water to ensure a spotless result first time.

About Sanay Group

We have 25 years of experience

Providing professional commercial and office cleaning services accross London and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to work in partnership

Our Aim is to work in long term relationship, We provide tailor services to accommodate the needs of each client and let the cleaning standards speak to themselves


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